quilt block cookbook

FBF // Serendipitous Natural Light

One of the first projects Nissa and I worked on together as Page + Pixel was shooting the style photography for Amy Gibson’s Quilt Block Cookbook for Lucky Spool. It was a big project with loads of bird’s eye/layflat shots and Nissa and I wanted to add some variety to the images somehow. Susanne—publisher and editor for Lucky Spool—had a vision of a person holding up the quilt blocks so we went ahead with that cute concept.


It was one of those perfectly-overcast-but-not-too-overcast days and Nissa positioned us perpendicular to the floor-to-ceiling windows. This gave us some warm yet diffused autumn light. We were so excited by the natural shadow and depth that came through! Not only were we able to capture Amy’s impeccable fabric combinations, but the diffused side light allowed her beautiful block construction to be seen through the fabric. Perfect for this book full of block recipes!

Can’t go wrong when skill and serendipity are in sync.


What are some of your favorite serendipitous photography moments?


Quilt Block Cookbook
Style Photography: Page + Pixel
Publisher: Lucky Spool Media
Author: Amy Gibson