Work with Page + Pixel



We all want the same thing for our creative businesses: A beautiful, effective way to put our products out into the world. Page + Pixel is committed to making this happen!

Beautiful imagery is the most efficient way to communicate your brand. We offer you a few different ways to
get started.


pattern design

• Beautifully on-brand
• Consistent
• Fast turnaround

Getting your patterns designed with us is a breeze. Work with us to create a custom design and we will apply it to all of your future patterns. You’ll get your patterns selling in no time!


book design

Whether you're self-publishing or are working with a publishing house, our mission is to make your book stand out, get recognized, and sell.

As makers ourselves, we understand the need for design that stands out on the shelves and has an easy-to-follow layout. Success for readers = success for book sales.


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