Pattern Design Rates

Custom Design // After reviewing your design brief and auditioning 3 design options, we will design a custom cover and interior page design for your patterns. We will use this design over and over to create a cohesive, consistent brand message. With a one-time design fee for cover and interior pages, this can be an economical way to free up your time for more important things, like designing quilts! Purchase the Native InDesign File if you’d like to do your own layout work in the future.

Template Design // By using the Custom Design from your first pattern, we can quickly apply the approved style to all of your patterns. The discounted Template rate and quick turn-around makes this option a no-brainer. 

Native File Fee // Do you have experience using InDesign and would like to do your own layout for future patterns using a Custom Design? We will design your first pattern and you have the opportunity to purchase the native InDesign files to use for your future pattern layouts. Clients will need to provide or purchase fonts with this option.


(Assuming a page count of 2-16 pages. 17+ pages are charged at $10/additional page)

Custom Cover and Interior Page design*: $500
Template Cover and Interior Page layout: $200

Native File Fee (optional): $300

*One-time rate


Page + Pixel will provide clients with print-ready PDFs,
low resolution PDFs will be created upon request.
Native InDesign files supplied if this option is selected.


Final files for Original Designs will be submitted within
14 business days after receiving manuscript and artwork from the client. Final Template Layout files will be submitted 7 days after receiving manuscript and artwork from the client. 

Rush Projects: Page + Pixel can provide files in 7 business days for Orignial Designs and 3 business days for Template Layouts after receiving manuscript and artwork from client. A fee of 20% of the project total will be added to the invoice.