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Back by popular demand—or let’s face it, because I demanded it—it’s the 10 Weeks of Summer template.

Working families everywhere love to dread summer and it’s infamous 10 Weeks of unscheduled childcare. When I worked full-time at a publishing house, it was so difficult to fill up the 10 weeks in a cost-effective way without burning out my kids and going broke. Now that I’m on my own, it’s tempting to just say that my girls will be able to entertain themselves while I get work done in the middle of the day so we can save some $ and not over-schedule them….HA!!! I’ve been fooled before, it doesn’t work that way. I NEED TO GET MY KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE for their sanity and mine. But I can’t just sign them up for camps every week, I can’t afford it.

Enter: my trusty template.


Mapping out the weeks lets me visualize where the girls will be and helps me spread out the cost over the course of the summer. Let’s say I have Grandma come for Week 2, then I’ll sign them up for that cool camp (read: $$) for Week 3, followed by the super-affordable Girl Scout camp for Week 4. Maybe I do a kid-share for Week 5 & 6 with neighbors and then we go to WI for Week 7…you get the idea, right?

If you’ve got 1 or 2 kids, just print this bad boy out and start penciling in your plans (print a few out for 3 or more kids). It’s simple but really helps me get going on the planning and keeping on track.

So mash up some guac, crack open a Lacroix and get planning your 2019 summer!