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When Angela Walters Sends Us Quilts // Photo Promo

I am always so humbled when you all send your quilts for us to photograph. The artistry and craftsmanship that go into making those beauties is astounding. And last week was no exception when we received a box from Angela Walters. Unable to resist waiting until the scheduled photoshoot, Nissa and I decided that we had better take out the quilts to...ahem...do some measurements and...you know...check out the fabric choices so that we could...*cough cough*...consider our lighting options. I mean, would you be able to resist?

Cover quilt of Angela Walters' latest pattern,  Sprockets.

Cover quilt of Angela Walters' latest pattern, Sprockets.

And speaking of beauties, how about Spring Quilt Market?! After everything that we saw via Instagram (wow!), Nissa and I got to talking and thought that some of you would need/want/love photos of those samples and projects that were made for the show. Knowing that you are all busy forging ahead with new ideas and business opportunities secured at market, we'd love to help you with those photos! 

For one week, Page + Pixel is offering our Bulk Photography pricing for single quilts! Instead of needing to have 3 quilts finished and ready for photography, you can go ahead and send us that 1 from the show or that 1 that you just HAVE to have a photo of.

BOOK WITH US BEFORE JUNE 1** to receive the Bulk Photography rate.
**Quilts/projects for photography must be scheduled for delivery by July 20, 2016.

Go on, dig through that pile of quilts sitting over there and pull out the gems. We'll help you check some photos off of your list!


Spring Quilt Market 2016: Nissa's Favorite Finds

Hey y'all - Nissa here. 

It's all over, folks! Spring Market is a wrap and while everyone heads back home to start dreaming up their next projects, I wanted to do a little roundup of  some of my favorite finds from Salt Lake City. 

I LOVE MELODY MILLER. I got to meet her for the first time at QuiltCon and was basically a giggly mess. Her fabric designs are just always right up my alley and I find myself drawn to them even when I don't know they are hers. I'm in love with Daisy Fields - Blue from her TRINKET line...I want to make a dress out of it for the summer. Her booth was simple but since I love her, she's always going to be on my favorites list (Hey Melody - call me anytime you need photos through another eye!) 



What I liked best about Maureen Cracknell's booth was the DRAMA. I love seeing color and a lot of it - she delivered. Her Spring 2016 collection Nightfall has a sophisticated whimsy feel and I'm in love with the owl prints. Looking forward to seeing more from her! 



I saw a trend really surfacing at Market this year - vintage florals. My favorite print of Melody Miller's (above) was a vintage floral and I saw some really delicious offerings at Alexander Henry Fabric's booth as well.  My eye kept coming back to this fabulous display with dresses made by Sandra Johnson Designs, with on-point accessories and some retro decor.  I'm a modgirl, what can I say? This is all kinds of awesome. 



Violet Craft is one of the most talented artists within the industry right now. Her use of color and design is second to none and I'm constantly impressed with what she's creating. We've all ooohed and aahhhhed at her animal pieces (the Elephant and Lion are just as amazing every time I see them) and landscape called Elevated Abstractions continues to make me swoon. I am immediately transported to a memory of driving from Portland, Oregon to Sisters, Oregon, past Mount Hood and down the valley toward the Three Sisters. (If you've never been there, do it.) 

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.13.38 AM.png



Heather Jones released her first collection for Robert Kaufmann for Spring 2016 and I am loving it. Color Dash has a really mod feel and it strikes me as several options that you could use easily as neutrals alongside busier patterned fabric. I love the handcrafted feel. Who is going to make some garments out of this line? 

What are some of your favorites from Spring Market? What were the trends you saw? What are you inspired by? 

We want you get a jumpstart on the inspiration that comes from an amazing time at QuiltMarket. What are you dreaming about getting done?  We can help you! We'll be sharing an exciting Limited Time Promotion TOMORROW, Wednesday May 25 in celebration of Spring Quilt Market 2016. There's only 156 days until Fall Market in Houston kicks off so let's get started on your projects now!