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RECENT WORK: Patchwork Lab: Gemology

Publishing books is a sneaky business. By the time the book is released and ready to sell, the book team will have already spent nearly a year working on the project! That’s a whole year of working on something super-cool and not being able to share what I’m working on. That may explain the blog posts coming in fits and spurts—or maybe it’s because I get distracted and forget about posting. I am a xenial, afterall: half-analog/half-digital. That said, a really fun book has just reached the hands of the author, so I get to be digital today ;)

Patchwork Lab: Gemology by Andra Tsang Jackson for Lucky Spool was a pleasure to design. Her graphic paper-pieced gemstones and beautiful color sense give this book a sophistication that graphic designers like me dream of working with.



Project: Patchwork Lab: Gemology
Author: Andrea Tsang Jackson
Publisher: Lucky Spool
Book Design: Page + Pixel
Photography: Holly DeGroot