PHOTO FRIDAY: Finding the Perfect Location

A couple of years ago, Kristy and I worked with the adorable Beth Huntington of the Renegade Seamstress to create the art for her book, the Refashion Handbook. 

Gah! We loved Beth! She flew down to California from her home in Idaho to spend a weekend with us playing dress-up and photoshoot on what was probably the hottest days ever in the history of the world. 

Maybe that's an exaggeration. But it was HOT! 

Beth contributed some of her own photography to the book, and when discussing where we should shoot her styled project shots, I remembered that her photos had a barn, beautiful countryside and that big-sky ranch feel. I wanted to replicate that.

I found an adorable cattle ranch out in the nowhere that is Nicaso, California (north of San Francisco) that was perfect. There were several little ranch buildings with old, worn wood and strange finds. Aside from the homestead, there was sprawling pasture dotted with free-roaming cattle. 

It was PERFECT.