AUTHENTIC & ACCURATE // A Free Gift for Pattern Designers

Hey there, Pattern Designers! There has been a great conversation happening amongst pattern designers around having patterns tested before selling to consumers. There are some pattern designers out there that write up a pattern and sell it without ever making the quilt! While the rest of you are taking pain-staking measures to ensure that your customers will have success (and enjoyment!) by hiring technical editors to review your instructions, hiring pattern testers to make sample quilts (sometimes multiple times!) and illustrators to make sure your step-by-step images make sense.

That’s a lot of effort, time and money but it's worth it, right? To have your customers associate your brand with quality is important. So how can you differentiate from the pattern designers that AREN'T doing quality-control? How can you assure a potential customer that when they purchase your pattern, that you have done all you can to make sure they will be successful?

In a conversation started by Raymond Steeves, Kim Kight suggested that there be a stamp of approval, indicating that a pattern had been tested. After riffing a bit and having fun with it, Nissa and I decided that we wanted to offer you a graphic that you can use on your patterns (print and PDF)! Visit our shop and download this icon to use on your printed patterns, your PDF downloads or even on your website!


Thank you all for having such wonderful, open conversations. Your willingness to share elevates the industry. We hope you are able to find use for our little gift of gratitude.

+ Kristy