Promote Your Classics

Purposely Improv  designed by Jean Impey for Me + You.

Purposely Improv designed by Jean Impey for Me + You.

I've been listening to a lot of conversations about "too much". There are too many fabrics, too many patterns, too many books...just too much out there in our beloved quilting world. Everyone is trying to come up with something new at a pace so quick that the "new" is only new for a few months at most. We ARE talking about sewing, right? The antidote to our fast-paced lives? 

What if we all slowed down a bit, took a moment to look around and explore what we've all already put out there? On the one hand, wouldn't it be great if the industry could take a collective hiatus from churning out new-new-new for a set amount of time? On the other hand, no! That's not what being a creative business is all about. But there HAS to be something in between, no? It can't be so black and white/all or nothing/sink or swim.

During a conversation with a fellow Industry Professional—my official Quilt Market label—we were talking about how Page + Pixel could help with some marketing photography. Turns out, the turn-around time for fabric manufacturers to get new fabric promoted can be so incredibly tight that they don't even have time to spend on marketing it before the bolts hit the shops! Yikes! 

Realizing that not every design is going to be a best-seller it can be difficult to justify the cost of early promotion. Like book publishing, it seems that fabric needs a magic ball to tell what is going to stick and what won't.  

Enter the idea of Promoting Your Classics

Purposely Improv  designed by Jean Impey for Me + You.

Purposely Improv designed by Jean Impey for Me + You.

Do you have a pattern design that you put out 5 years ago and it is still hanging on strong, getting a few downloads each month? Have a fabric design that gets reprinted over and over and is referred to as an "oldie but a goodie" or better yet, a "classic"?

What if you invested some resources into promoting your steady-eddies? Remake that pattern in more current fabrics and photograph it in a refreshed setting. Get that fabric line sewn up into some on-trend projects, get some new photos shot and reintroduce your customers to their forgotten favorite. With a little promotion, steady-eddies could become best-sellers!

We are here to help you refresh and repromote! Send us your updated quilts/bags/garments, we'll turn around a suite of updated images for you to use in your repromotion efforts. Why reinvent the wheel? If you've got it, flaunt it!