Pattern Design + Photography //  Imagine this: You design a never-done-before, kick-ass quilt and you can't wait to get it out into the world. Just send us your content and the quilt and let us do the rest! We'll send you a pattern design that says, "Buy Me! Now."

Book Design //  Whether you are a publishing house or a self-publisher, collaborating on books is our thing. Give us a blank slate or a style guide to work from; we love every second of working on books.

Art Packaging //  Art direction, photography and design all in one package. Page + Pixel will take a concept from an author, direction from the sales team, a brief from editorial and put it together in beautiful book form. 


Flat Shots // These photos are anything but flat. Intended to be used for show entries, instructional pages in books or even for your next blog post or pattern, Flat Shots will capture the passion that went into creating your masterpiece. We will provide you with 3 exquisite details along with 1 large, entry-ready image.

Instructional Photography //  Make your instructions foolproof with detailed photos that keep the focus on the work. Great for blog posts and pattern instructions.

Lifestyle Photography // Your work, dressed up! Use these images for marketing yourself and polishing up your brand. Also essential for pattern covers, blog posts, and book images.