you + us = magic. 

With your vision + our expertise, bringing your work to life has never been so simple — or magical. 

You've spent hours...days...weeks...months...perfecting your work and we get it. We appreciate precisely pieced flying geese and quilting that flows beautifully from block to block. Now you're ready to share your work. Keep your passion rolling; keep doing what you do and let us take it from here. 

We have years of experience collaborating with the best of the best in the fabric arts industry, creating trendsetting design + photography for instructional books and patterns.  Let's do this!  Whether it be books, patterns or...IDK - you tell us - our passion is making your work look amazing. 

At Page + Pixel, makers are the muse. We're inspired by your vision and can't wait to collaborate. Let's create a polished package together.  

Craft-publishing is our thing. 

With over 18 years of combined experience, we’ve created looks and curated visions for some of the biggest names in the craft publishing industry. We know what we’re doing and we’re here to help. Want to sell your stuff and make more money? Want to spend less time on stuff you’d rather not be doing and more time doing the stuff you’re born to do? Want to sell the stuff you’re born to make so you can make more money so you can make more stuff you’re born to be making? 


KRISTY // Design

NISSA // Photography

Nissa // I never chose photography...it chose me, while I was studying Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I found myself reading, trying, doing, shooting and failing with a gusto I’d never felt about anything - and succeeding just enough to push me in to launching the career of my dreams. I spent my first four years as a professional photographer working in the wedding and portrait industry; in 2013 I became the in-house Editorial Photographer for C&T Publishing/Stash Books. While with C&T, I shot editorial photography for over a hundred books, including the cover photography for several of our best-selling titles. Creating beautiful imagery is my expertise. Collaborating with makers and creative professionals is my passion.

• Born and raised in Wisconsin, transplanted to the Bay Area in 2004
• Hairless dog owner and lead singer of a band
* Mid-Century obsessed collector of stuff

Kristy // Feeling connected is what motivates me every day. Whether I'm dancing to Debbie Gibson records with my daughters, turning on the faucet for my geriatric cat, or sharing a spastic high-five with a colleague because we had the same brilliant idea—connection is the key to living a fulfilling life. A little too esoteric for a quick bio? Maybe. But at the end of the day, what motivates me—and keeps me coming back after 12 years of book design—are the connections I make with the makers/authors. They share their vision with me, I share my ideas with them, we make a book together and just like that(!) we've made a connection. 

• Former Art Director for C&T Publishing/Stash Books
• Designed 100+ 4-color illustrated instructional books
• From Wisconsin, living in the Bay Area
• Loves kid-art, thrifting and reminiscing about the 90's